Yi Ting Ong

Associate Director
Professional Services & Advisory
Chartered Accountant of Singapore
ACCA Member

Working at Precursor for 10 years now, Yi Ting has always followed her personal philosophy; "Everything comes with a price". Through her philosophy and hard work, she managed to climb up the corporate ladder from an Associate to now a trusted Associate Director of the firm. As a professional who has handled a huge pool of clients over the years working at the firm, she believes that client service experience is a crucial factor in a professional services line.

When asked about how she feels and what her goals are in her current role at Precursor, she said;

"My number one focus is to refine my team's overall technical knowledge and provide customized training to each of them. Times are tough right now especially on ensuring that the staff are up to date on what's happening. These things are my priority since these aren't just for me but also for the company."


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