Why Precursor

Precursor functions on the bedrock of three fundamental  pillars namely Our People, Our Service Commitment & Our DNA – Innovation & Core Thinking. These pillars form  the very benchmark that will take the firm towards  success both present and future.

It's all about the experience

Others Promise. We Deliver.

A first in client service experience.

We have a dedicated client services team whose sole focus is to ensure that we deliver uncompromised service and experience while constantly engaging our clients in scaling their businesses.

Passionate. Competent. Committed.

Others Aspire. We Accomplish.

We are passionate, competent and committed in what we do.

We are first in the industry to be recognised as People Developer by SPRING Singapore for our business excellence in attracting, managing and engaging people for high performance.

Technology + Creativity = Innovation

Others Seek. We Create.

Precursor Smartcursors is a new integrated platform of cloud based applications powered by rich data analytics tools that will transform business performance through the successful integration of people, processes and technology.

A first in bringing automation, mobility, business insights and analytics to the door step of every client.

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