Sharon Diaz

Human Resources Manager
Shared Services Centre

Meet Sharon Diaz, our Human Resources Manager, who pours her heart and soul into making Precursor staff happy. Her educational background is in Accountancy, but her career has since spanned from Accounting to Operations Management, Customer Services, and now People Development under the Shared Services Centre team. She manages a team dedicated to the recruitment, maximising employee productivity and uplifting the company culture.

She aspires to be someone who can help develop and inspire people by creating a positive impact, not only in their professional careers but on their overall well-being. To be better equipped in enabling and developing people, Sharon completed her Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology and is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. A staunch believer in continuous learning, she is currently pursuing a degree in Applied Business Administration.

When asked about what her favourite thing about working at Precursor, she said;

"I love the people! As my mantra goes, it's all about the People! And that is what I truly believe in; at Precursor, our best comes from our people. It is also true for any organization out there; no matter how great your product is or how advanced your technology is, the business will never get to somewhere great if you fo not have the right people on the bus."


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