Jessica Liew

Associate Director
Client Services & Communications

Jessica’s interest in being part of her client’s business life-cycle grew while she was an auditor in a Big Four Accounting firm. She left the firm to pursue her interest in growing her client’s business and advising business owners to achieve their goals.

Today, she serves as an Associate Director at Precursor, where she leads a team responsible for spreading the company's message, growing the client base, and ensuring all clients have a positive experience with Precursor's various services. Additionally, she specializes in compliance-related issues for local and foreign clients. 

In her eight years with the firm, she has developed a broader understanding of various areas of the business, an experience that is quite different from her previous role as an auditor. Her knowledge of marketing extends to many facets and she understands what entrepreneurs are looking for.

When asked about what she enjoys about working at Precursor, she said;

"It is a joy to work at a company where there is no hierarchy at all. The boss' door is always open to discuss and share ideas. It is a great place where everyone matters, and everyone plays a vital role."


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