Adam Tang

Professional Services & Advisory

Having a great passion for Mathematics, Adam graduated with a Bachelor’s Honours in Accounting and Finance. Since then, he has accumulated more than ten years of experience in statutory audits for listed companies in Singapore and overseas and has a thorough understanding of the SGX listing manual. In addition to providing consulting services to China companies, he assists them with accounting, taxation requirements, and internal controls.

Having joined Precursor around eight years ago as an Audit Manager, Adam worked his way up to become one of the firm's Audit Directors, in charge of the firm's most prominent team, the Audit department. With Adam's approachable attitude and willingness to share his expertise, leading a large team like the audit team is easy.

When asked about what his favourite thing about working at Precursor, he said;

"For the past eight years of my career journey here at Precursor, I have always admired our culture - especially the close interdepartmental ties. The company is open to its employees' ideas and opinions to make the whole organization better."


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