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Jia Yi Ong Associate Director
Professional Services & Advisory

"Success does not just find you. You have to go out and get it." This line has been Jia Yi's personal philosophy ever since she started working as a young senior associate at Precursor 10 years ago.

Fast forward a decade after, and she managed to reach her goal of becoming the firm's partner and one of Precursor's headstrong Associate Directors. She considers this as her most outstanding achievements in her career.

It has been a few months since she became an Associate Director, so we asked her a few questions and see how she was doing now with her new role.

"One of my sole focus right now is to help identify suitable candidates to join the firm and groom them into the best employees. None is as good alone as we are with a great team of people."

What do you envision yourself doing in the next 5 years? (Work or Personal life)

My work has been one of my biggest achievements and the most significant part of my life right now. I'm grateful for all the knowledge I have gained throughout the years. That is why for the next five years, I want to get promoted, so I'll still be able to keep doing the work I love.

What skills/lessons are you looking forward to get as you are working as an Associate Director?

I am looking more into relationship building skills and establishing credibility and trust with my clients and team members. Learning to balance advocating for both the organization and the employees is the skill that I'm most looking forward to learning for myself. For me, these are the skills that a great Associate Director needs and will significantly help the firm and its employees.

What would you say motivates you to do well at work?

Our industry is not easy, and one of the constant thing in our field is change. That is why continuously having challenging jobs that enable me to enhance my knowledge and experience motivates me.

What are you passionate about when you are not working? (If your passion is your work, what makes the work fulfilling for you?)

If there were no global pandemic right now, I would have probably travelled the world instead. I enjoy getting to know more about another country's culture and experiencing it first hand.

What are you looking forward to doing/contributing as an Associate Director?

One of my focus right now is to identify suitable candidates to join the firm and groom them into great employees. Because they will be the ones that I'm going to work with for years to come.

What do you think are your strongest traits? (name three)

Multi-Tasking Ability, working in the firm for the past few years, honed my multi-tasking ability and be a great multi-tasker.

Embracing and adapting to change fast yet still giving my best at work are just some of my most vital traits.

Persistent in meeting the dateline and getting the job done are two of my strongest and needed traits in my work.

What is your usual source of inspiration when you tackle a difficult problem ahead?

I'm a certified coffee fan. So whenever I'm in a pinch, I always get a cup of coffee to help me concentrate again. Drinking coffee while working helps me focus and de-stress. That is why I always make sure I get a cup of coffee nearby.

What are the lessons you could impart/share to the fresh graduates? Something that you could have told to your younger self if you’ve just had the chance?

None is are as good alone as we are with an amazing team of people

Originally published 09 April 2021, 15:51:00

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