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We are very honoured and delighted to announce that PRECURSOR ASSURANCE has been awarded the Singapore Quality Class with People by Enterprise Singapore.  

The Singapore Quality Class certifies organizations that have attained robust level of performance in the journey to achieve world-class standard of excellence. This internationally benchmarked Business Excellence framework does not only serve as a badge of honour for us here at Precursor, but more so as a guiding "lighthouse" for us to strengthen our roadmap for excellence. Enabling our organization to be future and people oriented by aligning our strategies and goals with our management systems and processes for sustainability.   

The process of obtaining this certification has helped the firm to strengthen its systems and processes for continuous improvement and never allowing us to settle on our past achievements. The firm embarked on this journey with full management and staff commitment to connecting our clients, excelling performance expectations, and developing our people's capabilities to their full potential.  

This milestone is just another step towards our journey to achieving our firm's vision, which starts with one of our mission statements; Developing The Potential of Our People. We have always believed that our people are our most valuable resources. We strive to constantly care, engage and invest in them to enable them to learn, advance and excel. Only by consistently providing the best for our people can we then achieve our commitment to our clients and our wider community-both of which are part of the firm's remaining mission statements.   

It truly is an achievement for the firm and so, we dedicate this to both our People and our Clients, for helping us through it all. A BIG THANK YOU! 

At Precursor, we specialise in accounting, audit, and taxation in Singapore. If your SME is going to be required to file ECI in the upcoming YA, we are here to help. We can help you understand how ECI works, how to minimise your tax liabilities, when and how to file, and much more. 

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